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Anonymous asked: "Just wondering if you could free up your url? Since you don't use this tumblr anymore. Like you could just change it to "moved-heechul" or something?"

no. i may choose to use this url again in the future. 

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i’ve been using this tumblr for almost four years, and it’s just time to start fresh. i hope you’ll come follow me over at my new tumblr ❤

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suhip asked: "would you be willing to give up your url? I can see youre still active, but it would make me really happy if I could have this!"

n o ??????

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[Trans] 130101 Kim Heechul fancafe Kiseki message

There’s no need to say things like “Happy New Year” between us, firstly I need to get out of the army first. I hope it will be like the lost of time.. But there’s nothing I can do about it.. I am really keke…

Recently I haven’t been using Twiter, Weibo, using nothing. There’s nothing much to communicate.

Like what I’ve said, no news means good news. I’ve been living well. 
After work at 6pm I will dash home, use my left leg toe to switch on the computer. When the computer is starting up, I will dash over to pack clothes and other stuff.
Once the computer starts up, I will log in to LOL, and play till 11pm. After 11pm I will rest and the next day at 7am a new day starts.

I thought I will be able to get a girlfriend while serving the army… It’s impossible.
Instead, I thought that it would be a waste to find a girlfriend when I have personal time. Using this time to play a game is better. 

Of course, “I haven’t been going out with girls, I’ve been staying at home” I won’t say such lies. Because all of you would definitely think that “Kim Heechul is lying”

Get into a relationship quickly. I feel that human beings must have a relationship to live on. But you all can’t stay at home and face 2D (game images) like me. Even though I said that, my situation is really pathetic.

Do you remember? I used to say I don’t like kids and I don’t know what to do?
Do you remember? I used to say I don’t like kids and I don’t know what to do?

But, recently I think kids are really really cute ?_?
I want to have a kid who looks like me quickly~ 
I have no intention to get married, I just want a kid who looks like me (+.+)

I told my mum, “I’m lazy to get married, I just want a kid of my own”. I could feel that she sighed and smiled helplessly. 

No matter what, I’ve been living pretty well. All of you have to live well too. I want to go play my games now.

Kim Heechul’s quote: Although the characters in games will never leave me, but they will make women leave me.

Ah. And also, I will start doing radio broadcast from Friday onwards again.

cr:@heequeenting 希澈家族LoveChul【130101金希澈fan cafe-kiseki留言-新年多福】

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by wansoL。 thank you! ∞ please do not edit, and take out with credit。


by wansoL。 thank you! ∞ please do not edit, and take out with credit。


Joseph Gordon-Levitt talking about his SNL opening monologue and Channing Tatum’s reaction to it


Jaejoong in Heaven's Postman